Review by Fstoppers -Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer

Fstoppers Reviews Powerex MH-C980 8-Cell Charger-Analyzer
Fstoppers by Jordan Bush

MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer Review

Fstoppers Reviews Powerex MH-C980 8-Cell Charger-Analyzer

Maha’s new Powerex MH-C980 8 Cell Charger/Analyzer is out and it’s a full-featured, professional charging beast. Check out the nitty gritty on one of the most advanced AA/AAA battery chargers on the market.

My arsenal of roughly 100 Powerex rechargeable batteries ranges from practically new to ten years old. Veterans of regular and heavy use, it’s unbelievable that they’ve been reliable for a decade. That’s probably in part to using “soft charge” 100% of the time for cooler, slower charging using my DIY charging station. For years, my solution was to cycle out batteries that seem weaker, using them in low power consumption devices such as remote controls. They have enough life to meet those simple needs but might they be capable of more? Knowing battery health can help determine which batteries hold the most charge, and which should be replaced. Powerex’s 4-bay AA/AAA charger/analyzer, the MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzer, is exceedingly well reviewed, though I can only imagine how long it would take to analyze and condition batteries in batches of four. Thankfully, analyzing battery health en masse became much easier with the new Powerex MH-C980 eight cell charger-analyzer.

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