Do you want to know more about your rechargeable batteries? Or maybe you would like to share this information with a friend who might be interested in switching to rechargeable batteries? Below you will learn more about rechargeable batteries.


  • What does NiMH mean?
    • NiMH stands for Nickel Metal Hydride and it is the construction of the material.
  • What does the mAh rating mean?
    • mAh stands for milli-ampere hours. It is the rating of the energy storage. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last in your device. 
  • What device is best for NiMH batteries?
    • The best devices will be those that require high energy consumption, such as camera speedlights, flashlights, toys, and game controllers. Think of it this way, if you are constantly buying disposal batteries for your device, it’s time to switch to rechargeable batteries.
  • How many times can the NiMH batteries be recharged?
    • It varies for NiMH batteries, depending on the capacity of the battery and how it is used. For the Powerex PRO AA batteries, they can be recharged up to 500 times. For the Powerex Precharged batteries, they can be recharged up to 1,000 times.
  • Are NiMH batteries good for all devices?
    • NiMH batteries are good for many devices, however, there are certain devices that are not used frequently or don’t drain too much battery energy that it wouldn’t make a difference in using a NiMH battery. Some device examples are smoke alarms, clocks, and emergency flashlights.
  • Do NiMH rechargeable batteries lose capacity over time?
    • Yes they do, but not drastically. The Powerex rechargeable batteries are all low self-discharge. The Powerex PRO batteries will retain up to 75% of their charge after 1 year in storage and the Powerex Precharged batteries will retain up 85% of their charge after 1 year in storage.
  • What is the difference between the Powerex PRO AA battery and the Powerex Precharged AA battery?
    • The Powerex PRO AA battery is recommended for high drain devices. It has a high 2700mAh capacity, retains up to 75% of its charge after 1 year in storage, and is rechargeable up to 500 times. The Powerex Precharged AA battery is recommended for your everyday household devices. It has a 2600mAh capacity, retains up to 85% of its charge after 1 year in storage, and is rechargeable up to 1,000 times.
  • Should I charge my rechargeable batteries before using them for the first time?
    • For the Powerex PRO batteries, we recommend charging them first. For the Powerex Precharged batteries, they are precharged and can be used without charging them first.
  • Does it matter which charger is used for NiMH rechargeable batteries?
    • Yes, it matters. Using the right charger can make a difference on the health of your batteries. Charge your NiMH rechargeable batteries with a smart Powerex charger designed for NiMH batteries only. 
  • What can I do to help my batteries last longer?
    • Click Here to learn how to care for your batteries on our blog.
  • When do I replace my batteries?
    • If the batteries no longer provide adequate run time for your device, it is recommended to recycle and replace your batteries if the battery’s capacity is less than 60% of the rated capacity.
  • How do I recycle my batteries?
    • Click Here to learn more on how to recycle your batteries on our blog.

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